Frequently Asked Questions

ASB - Usually requested by Coaches and sometimes can be 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer.

IABC - Usually processed by the treasurer within 1 week after receiving head coach approved IABC Disbursal Request Form. Reimbursement checks may take another week to be received by mail. Contact the IABC Treasurer at to request a current version of the IABC Disbursal Request Form and team fund balance.

ASB - The money is owned by the students so it must be approved first by members of the team and then by the school ASB leadership class. Then goes to our fiscal officer.

IABC - Head Coaches approve disbursement requests of team funds.  Contact the IABC Treasurer at to request a current version of the IABC Disbursal Request Form and team fund balance.

Yes, on the Teams and Clubs page lists all teams that have pages. These pages are updated by coaches and/or liaisons and can list information about the team season, roster, schedule, photos, fundraising, etc. 

  • ASB, funded by sports fees, split between the athlete's teams if more than one sport is played.  Student fundraisers like summer sport camps, Swag sold by students.  Also any fundraising done by students on campus must be deposited to ASB account.  These funds are completely separate from any IABC funds and from what is listed on Financial Reports & Minutes page
  • IABC, funded by fundraising and donations, general fund and team specific funds.  Fundraisers like breakfast of champions and Pickleball tournament (general fund), direct ask via team pages (team's fund).  Donations online to the general fund or team fund, checks can be mailed (where?) or dropped of at school (where?).  Doesn't currently do swag as the teams like to do it specific for their sport.

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