Ingraham Spirit Gear

Booster Club Gear

Show your support for Ingraham Athletics with our yard signs, hoodies, window stickers, and more. We're updating our inventory and ordering system, but you can always email us at to arrange to get your gear.

  • Grey zip hoodie with printed "Ingraham Athletics" logo in  blue on upper right chest and back of sweatshirt - $30
  • Corex, 2-sided yard signs with metal stake -$5
    • could put in your window or hang on wall
  • Small felt pennants, 12" long x 5", a classic - $5
  • Temp tattoos, the Ingraham "I" with ram - 4 for $1
  • Car/laptop decals - $2

Duffel/Sports Bags

IABC manages the ordering of bags and delivery to school, however net proceeds benefit the Ingraham Athletics ASB fund.  Price is $70, includes name. To order please the link below:

This link will be open starting 9/1/23 for the 2023-24 school year. It will be visible to users of Schoolpay on that menu, but it will also be accessible by “guests” who are not Schoolpay users, i.e., students, grandmas, stepparents, etc.

Ingraham Spirit Wear

For Ingraham hoodies, pajama pants, water bottles and more spirit gear, see information at and contact Heidi Oveson ( ) with questions about availability.

Varsity Letter Jackets

If your student athlete is requesting a jacket, Ingraham's supplier is National Achiever. They are located in Everett. Ingraham is in the drop-down list of schools.

Cost shown for jacket before tax & extras is $242.95. Patches are available to order for your sport.

FYI - The IABC purchases and gives away the "I" varsity letters and sport pins at the Ingys each June, but if you didn't get yours last year, reach out to us at our email

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