Twice a year, IABC accepts grant applications from teams for money needed to purchase specific equipment and services for the benefit of Ingraham's student athletes. Our next grant cycle is Spring 2024. Deadline for grant applications will be posted soon.

Grant Request Tips and Suggestions

Head coaches must submit general fund Grant Request forms to the Ingraham High School Athletic Director or directly to the IABC Grants Committee.  Liaisons are encouraged to help your coaches with completing the Grant application and supplying supporting documentation.

A disbursement committee made up of the officers and at least three members of the IABC Board of Directors award grants. The general order of priority is:

  1. What will benefit the most athletes
  2. Funding expensive team equipment
  3. Training seminars, camps, clinics or tournaments for athletes
  4. Team-building events
  5. Special transportation requests
  6. Team awards

Tips for requesting grants:

  • Provide as much information as possible including costs and priorities (be specific!)
  • Submit your request by the deadline (be on time!)
  • Be present at the meeting to make your case (be there!)
  • Have a team captain or player at the meeting to present the need discuss alternative plans (e.g. fundraising) if the IABC is unable to grant all of the requested funds
  • Show your support of the IABC by encouraging your parents to attend IABC events and providing IABC with requested information in a timely manner (for example, rosters and award winners for the Ingys).

Additional Details About IABC Grant Funding

Grant funding draws from the IABC General Fund; these funds are earned by IABC through our annual fundraising campaigns. Funds are disbursed primarily through grant cycles held in the fall and spring of each year, when  IABC accepts grant applications from teams for money needed to purchase specific equipment and services for the benefit of Ingraham's student athletes.

When a team fundraises independently, those moneys are deposited to that team’s specific account and can be resourced at the discretion of the head coach, following the disbursement procedures. Team fund balances are updated monthly and available at

There is no guarantee for a team to receive grant funding, and funds are limited. If you would like to apply for funding to support your team, please keep these tips in mind:

Participation:  Your teams’ and team families’ participation in IABC initiatives/events counts. Shout-out sales, attendance at the breakfast, participation in the organization, etc. make a difference. If you as a coach have enthusiastically promoted and supported IABC initiatives that benefit all Ingraham sports programs, the grant request is valued in a more positive light.

Grant Request detail: Do your research before submitting. Detailed pricing is the most common missing piece of a grant application and lack of documentation can affects your potential grant award. Application must include clear proof of pricing for anything you are requesting. For example, if you hope to fund new uniforms, include the pricing breakdown of the uniforms you are considering. A print-out from the internet is sufficient or a specific bid from a vendor - that type of thing. Be sure to figure out the prices for shipping and sales tax when determining your total expenses.  Then, decide if you want to include those items in your grant request total. Shipping can be a significant charge, especially if you're considering a heavy or over-sized item.

Additional team fundraising:  Demonstrate that your players have been earnest in their attempts to raise funds on their own, or that they have a plan to fund raise towards the project you are pitching. A request for additional funds from IABC is heard with more sympathetic ears when the coach can show how the kids have been involved in helping to raise funds to support the efforts.

Past Grants Received:  If your team has received exceptionally large gifts in the most recent grant cycles, it may be that IABC will want to direct funds to other teams, based on need. This is not to say that your request isn’t worth submitting. This is a factor that comes into play when working with limited funds.

Know what can/cannot be funded: IABC cannot fund consumables or items that remain with the athlete. IABC can support team purchases that are inventoried, turned in at the end of the season, and ideally, used for multiple years. Examples of team support have included uniforms, bags, jackets, camps, tournaments, training, sport-specific equipment – to give you an idea.  Items that athletes wear and keep, like baseball caps or soccer socks, cannot be funded.

Examples of grants awarded in recent years:

  • Competition fees for wrestling and cheer
  • Uniforms for baseball, gymnastics, cross country, track & field, and water polo
  • Pitching machine for softball
  • Shooting machine for basketball
  • Banners for the gym
  • Line management systems for spectators at games
  • Girls Basketball - warm up shirts and practice jerseys
  • Track - 50 sets of warm-ups
  • Cheer - competition fees
  • Gymnastics - vacuum for floor mats
  • Tennis - banner, balls and TeamSnap communication subscription
  • Ultimate - physical training and tournament entry fees
  • Water Polo - electronic shot clocks, scoreboard, other equipment
  • Boys Basketball - tournament entry fees
  • Girls Soccer - goalkeeper training, yoga instruction for team
  • Boys Baseball - portable outfield fence
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