Fundraising and Grants

Welcome, coaches, team liaisons, and parents! IABC provides a platform for teams to raise and spend funds dedicated to their team. Here’s how:

Team Fundraising

Online Donations

Anyone can make a donation directly to a team or teams at any time through the general IABC donation form by selecting the team(s) in the purpose field on the donation form here:

To request a team specific online donation form, send an email to the IABC Treasurer here

Fundraising events require approval from the Ingraham Athletic Director, so indicate in your email request if you will be using the team specific donation form for a direct appeal or for an event. You may be asked to provide more information for the Treasurer and Athletic Director to ensure we can support your request. Be prepared for turnaround time to take up to 5-7 days.

Please note: Student led fundraising events must be run through ASB, not IABC.

Check Donations

Checks can be left in the IABC mailbox in the main office at Ingraham HS or mailed to the school. Checks should be made out to IABC.  Include team name (e.g. Baseball, Girls Soccer, etc.) and the purpose of the deposit (e.g. donation, uniform reimbursement, Shout Out, etc.) in memo field of the check. NO CASH accepted!

Accessing Team Funds

Each team has their own fund within the IABC accounting platform, maintained by the Treasurer. The IABC monthly balance sheet is posted on our Financial Reports page

Head Coaches are responsible for budgeting and approving the use of team funds. IABC Team Funds can be used for the following team expense categories:

  • Banquets/Celebrations
  • Camps/Conditioning/Specialty Training
  • Coach Training/Certification
  • Consumables/Snacks/Team Meals
  • Equipment
  • Tournament/League/Field Fees
  • Transportation/Travel
  • Uniforms/Clothing
  • Subscriptions (such as Veo)

Please note: Items of a safety nature MUST BE provided by the Seattle School District.

The funds can be used by requesting a reimbursement for an approved purchase by presenting an original invoice or receipt, or if necessary, the IABC Treasurer can place an order on behalf of the team. Email the IABC Treasurer to request the current Team Balance and the Funds Disbursal Request Form to initiate a reimbursement or an order.

The IABC Treasurer can be reached here

Please note: Funds awarded to a team as a grant from the IABC general fund are not included in the team fund. They are approved for and allocated to a fund specifically for approved grant’s purpose. See the grant process below.

Grant Request Process

Grant Timing

Twice a year, IABC reviews and approves grant applications for the benefit of Ingraham's student athletes. For 2024, applications are due for the Spring grant cycle by April 15th and will be reviewed by the IABC board the following week, on April 23rd. Fall grant cycle applications are due October 1st (date subject to change once we reach the Fall).

Teams can apply at either deadline regardless of their competition season and are encouraged to apply as far in advance of their next season as possible.

How to Apply

Head Coaches submit a completed Grant Request Form to the Ingraham Athletic Director ( and IABC (

Liaisons are encouraged to help coaches complete the Grant Request Form and supply supporting documentation.

A grant approval committee made up of the IABC Officers and at least three additional IABC Directors review and award grants at the IABC board meeting following each application deadline.

Grants may be approved in full, partially, or not at all based on the funds available and strength of the case made on the application. The general order of priority is:

  1. What will benefit the most athletes
  2. Funding expensive essential team equipment
  3. Training seminars, camps, clinics or tournaments for athletes
  4. Team-building events
  5. Special transportation requests
  6. Team awards

Grant Funding

Grants are awarded from the IABC General Fund and then allocated to a fund specifically for that grant. The money is not applied to Team Balances.

The Head Coach should use the awarded grant funds as soon as possible after the grant is awarded. Email the IABC Treasurer to request the Funds Disbursal Request Form to initiate a reimbursement or an order using the allocated grant funds.

Grant funds are raised through general fundraising campaigns and events. Funds are limited and there is no guarantee a team will receive grant funding.

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