Breakfast of Champions

The 24/25 Breakfast of Champions is October 11th, 2024 7:30-9:00 AM

Tickets on sale now:

The Breakfast of Champions is:

  • IABC's primary fundraising event of the year
  • Held each Fall on the In Service Day in October
  • A breakfast so parents can attend and still go to work that day
  • A chance to celebrate athletics at Ingraham
  • The time when we ask families to dig deep and give as much as they can to support the top priorities for Athletics at Ingraham that year

24/25 Tentative Breakfast Fundraising Goals (to be finalized at 8/27/24 Board Meeting):

If we raiseThis will go towardPriority
 $     2,000.00 $                 2,000.00CPR Coach Training Fund
 $     8,000.00 $                 6,000.00Athletic Trainer Fund
 $  10,000.00 $                 2,000.00Weight Room Support Fund
 $  15,000.00 $                 5,000.00Advanced Coach Training Fund
 $  20,000.00 $                 5,000.00State Championship Fund
 $  29,000.00 $                 9,000.00Ice Machine Fund (one time purchase)
 $  30,000.00 $                 1,000.00Ice Bath Fund (one time purchase)
 $  50,000.00 $              20,000.00Future Grants Fund


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